Support for Young People

(Education2Employment; Work4UPlus2)

Newry and Mourne Co-operative and Enterprise agency are a company that too focuses a lot on support for young people. NMEA run two different programmes in order to provide efficient support for the younger generation. The two programmes that run under this category are the Education2Employment programme and the Work4UPlus2 programme. However both of these programmes work with different individuals carrying out different activities. The Education2Employment programme targets secondary level pupils aged eleven to eighteen living in the neighbourhood renewal area and primary seven pupils attending the five primary schools which service the Newry neighbourhood renewal area. The Work4UPlus2 programme is a programme of activities that are aimed at helping young people who are ‘at risk’ of becoming disengaged from education, employment and or training. Both programmes are about providing the correct support to young people to help them to achieve, overcome barriers, and build new skills and qualities.