The Employment Alliance

The Employment Alliance project aims to empower young unemployed or underemployed humanities graduates to become innovators, entrepreneurs and high value employees. It further strives to address structural issues locally that generate a skills mismatch between university educated students and the current labour market by forming a working alliance between stakeholders in higher education, training, business development and local authorities.

Cross-border alliances with all stakeholders in the graduate employment arena will be formed to determine current issues around employability. These stakeholders include training and development organisations, higher education institutes, employers’ representatives, public authorities and private organisations. Two alliances will be formed – one in Louth/Newry-Mourne and one in Halle/Szczecin. These cross border alliances will identify the ‘disconnects’ within the existing support structures across the target regions, and produce a solid Action Plan to address these needs for the benefit of the graduates. This Action Plan will also highlight best practice in the target regions.

The project partners will take this action plan and create an open-access, classroom and on-line training course that will teach young graduates innovation skills that will open doors to their participation in creative industries and regional development, either as entrepreneurs or highly productive staff members. Members of the Alliance will then target and recruit trainees from the local area for participation in the training.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.